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Everyone Likes a Contest

To celebrate the beginning of season 4, Christian is signing and giving away his copy of Dave Grohl's The Storyteller. This is the first time that either of the hosts has given away a copy of the book used for the creation of the show. The hosts otherwise keep every copy of their books under lock and key. What's more, since Christian keeps his books in pristine condition, the book you'll be getting is mint.

To win the book, all you have to do is compose and mail in a 5-paragraph essay that explains the popularity of Dave Grohl's band The Foo Fighters. Christian and Martha will read all of the entries and pick the best one. Make sure to include your email address.

All entries must be received by November 31, 2021. Mail your entries to 2058 North Mills Avenue, Suite 341, Claremont, CA 91711. There is no limit on the number of entries. All entries become the property of The Rock Star Autobiography Podcast with Christian and Martha.


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