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The Queen Isn't Dead

Apart from the music, a large part of The Smiths' ultra coolness were those fantastic song titles and fantastic sleeves. Not only can a Smiths fan recognize a Smiths song in two seconds flat, but the same can be same said for their aesthetic, and how many other bands can make that claim?

Well, devoted listeners, the hosts of The Rock Star Biography Podcast, through our discussion of Morrissey's List of the Lost, have discovered that creating majestic song titles is something Morrissey just can't help but do. Say what you will about the book, but it's stuffed with his Morrisseyesque Morrisseyisms, and almost every sentence of dialogue is a Smiths song that never was.

To prove the point, we have put together some images with some of the lines of dialogue from his book, and I think you'll agree that for just a second--just one tiny, tiny Manchester-second--you'll think it's real. And in that tiny, tiny second, The Smiths are alive again. And who doesn't want to lay in awe, on your bedroom floor, one more time?

The Queen is Dead! Long Live The Smiths!


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