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Just Kids by Patti Smith

If you’ve already listened to the latest episode, you know that I enjoyed reading the manner in which Patti Smith wrote about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. I found Patti's love and affection for Robert quite moving. It was palpable throughout the book.

Like I said in the episode, it read like a nearly 300-page love letter to him, and I am sure she could’ve written even more. As someone who is not always the best at expressing everything I feel when it comes to love because I become too overwhelmed by emotion, I appreciated that she was able to share so much about their relationship in such an honest way. However, I am also certain she kept many things to herself. I can’t imagine that revisiting those feelings and the experiences they had together was always easy, especially when there had to have been moments, perhaps very painful ones, along the way.

So, inspired by that and the fact that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I created a playlist with some of my favorite songs about love, heartbreak, and longing. I chose these particular songs because I have felt absolutely everything they all say, and I am pretty sure that every person who reads this has as well. Plus, is any love playlist really complete without Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”? Therefore, regardless of whether you are single or attached, it won’t matter while you listen to them. So grab a drink, dim the lights, and enjoy!

Here's the full playlist:

Only You | The Platters

Loving You | Elvis Presley

Too Much Heaven | The Bee Gees

Hurt So Bad | Little Anthony & The Imperials

Crazy | Patsy Cline

Is It a Crime? | Sade

Kissing a Fool | George Michael

Bluer Than Midnight | The The

I Want You Now | Depeche Mode

Let’s Get It On | Marvin Gaye


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