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Or, AKA, Michael Imperioli.

If you don't know, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa have an excellent podcast called Talking Sopranos. During an early episode of the podcast, Michael Imperioli revealed that he was a Galaxie 500 "groupie," and that he saw them numerous times at CBGB. (Also of interest is that Damon and Naomi were featured in an episode of The Sopranos; they can be faintly heard in the background of Meadow Soprano's room as Christopher Moltisanti risks his neck by giving speed to Meadow to help her study; that must have been Damon and Naomi's single greatest exposure of their entire career).

After I heard that episode, I immediately drafted the letter that is duplicated below and mailed it to Michael Imperioli. I was certain that he would lower the guard that is his fame and agree to join Martha and me for our latest episode about Dean Wareham, Galaxie 500, and Luna. Alas, he did not. What he DID do, however, is briefly engage with me on a comment thread on his Instagram page, which is also depicted below. The impetus of that thread is that below a picture of himself with Al Pacino, he included the caption: "Al Pacino and me won an Emmy," or something to that effect. Well, grammar a-----e that I am, I corrected his grammar, and his response to me is below. Interestingly, right after I mentioned that he had ignored my Galaxie 500 podcast request, he immediately deleted the entire thread between him and me (Or, rather, him and I; it's all up for grabs, apparently).

No hard feelings, Michael. But you did miss out on one of the best episodes Martha and I have ever done. You should have followed Tony's advice: "Don't over-think it; jump in with both feet, or don't."


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