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Time by Culture Club

For many years, I’ve had a running mental list of my favorite songs of all time. It’s a list that I will occasionally remove some songs from to add others, but one song that remains steadily on that list is Culture Club’s "Time." From the first note to the very last one, it’s a song that envelops me completely in its beauty and which I’ve loved since the first time I heard it as a little girl. While I may not have been able to fully grasp the meaning of the lyrics at that time, the music and Boy George’s delivery of those lyrics moved me. I’ve always had a very strong response to genuine, heartfelt emotion, even as a child, and he sings that song with so much of it. As I became older and I started going through my own experiences of love and loss, my appreciation for that song grew even more, further cementing it as one of my absolute favorites. "Karma Chameleon" might’ve been their greatest hit, but "Time" is the song that simply hits all the right notes for me and it continues to move me all these years later.


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