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But of All These Friends and Lovers . . .

This is the video that kicked off our podcast. I'm a big fan of shows like this, such as Britain's long-running and vary famous Desert Island Discs. (Paul McCartney's appearance is legendary; he plays John's "Beautiful Boy" and almost cries). I think the best part of being a celebrity, if indeed a "best part" exists, must be that people seek your opinions of things, and who doesn't like thinking that his or her opinions matter? I've heard many celebrities on Fresh Air, for instance, tell host Teri Gross that being on her show is the realization of a dream. Anyway, when I watched this particular interview, I was really taken by John's enthusiasm. I get no sense of someone who believes that it's all beneath him; instead, I see a person who is swept away by a passion for music, a genuine wonder that is still palpable. Watch him as he describes The Beatles' White Album and its impact on him. He seems like a kid again, and you can see that despite his success, he's still just a fan, still awed by other artists, just like anyone else. It was very disarming.

After I saw this episode, I told Martha to watch it; soon after we agreed to read his book together, and, well, here we are. Passion is contagious. Despite my irritation with his book, I will always be loyal to John Taylor because of the person I see in this interview.


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