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Wham! Bam!

Like most of you, over the last six months I've been pretty much cooped up at home. And just like the rest of you, I'm tired of it. However, one of the things that has brought me a lot of comfort during this time, as always, has been music. I've been listening to many of the songs I used to obsess over as a girl in my bedroom, and I've spent more time than I care to admit watching many of the videos I loved from that time on YouTube as well. All of that music has made me reminisce about a time when things were less frightening and when life was also much simpler. So when I read Andrew Ridgeley's memoir, I was reminded of when I saw Wham! on American Bandstand, which also happened to be their debut on American television.

The very first time I heard the name Wham! it made me laugh. I immediately associated it with the bat-fight words on the Batman series that I used to watch with my brother, and for a long time I would often joke that they had probably taken their name from those Batman fight scenes. Yet, as much as I made fun of their name, as a young girl I was immediately drawn to their good looks and to their music after I saw the videos for both "Wham Rap!" and "Young Guns." I also liked the way they danced. Something about seeing them perform on American Bandstand really brought their music to life for me, and if I was beginning to become a fan before that, that performance truly solidified it for me. I not only became a Wham! fan, but as time went on, I became a huge fan of George Michael as well.


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